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Diane is one of seven authors selected for the A+ Book List, which offers a variety of high quality books suitable for young readers ages 1-12. This list of books, carefully reviewed by publishing professionals and educators, will be made available to educators, students, and parents. Learn more about A+ Book List at

"My goal is to create an inspiring education experience at your school. As a children's book author, illustrator, and publisher my classroom seminars focus on how a book goes from a simple idea to a printed book. This includes showing a finished book manuscript, original illustrations, book edits, and much more."   

Jace's Adventure at Crystal Lagoon

Summer is almost over and Jace isn't happy about starting the new school year... until he meets his teacher, Ms. Merwin. The two fourth grade classed depart for a field trip to the Crystal Lagoon Aquarium, when the school bus breaks down at a National Park near the Lagoon. While eating their picnic lunch, Jace and Rocco's new friend, Mia disappears beyond the trees. Jace goes in to look for her. When he arrives at the edge of the water and finds Mia, he can't believe what he sees!

Jace's Adventure in the Forbidden Forest

It's the first day of summer vacation. Jace and his best friend, Rocco are anxious to get to the park to play catch. Their ball accidentally goes into the Forbidden Forest. Jace goes in to look for it and he gets lost. Two young dinosaurs named Ribney and Ryder are in the forest and help Jace find his way home. But before they do, Jace helps the

dinosaurs with a big problem they have!